IFDAS 2018 - Nara Japan

I n t e r n a t i o n a l   F e d e r a t i o n   o f   D e n t a l   A n e s t h e s i o l o g y   S o c i e t i e s

Who We Are

The International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies is an international organisation of dental and/or medical societies engaged in education, research, and improved methods of treatment in the fields of pain and anxiety control through dental anesthesia, analgesia and sedation and other related branches of dentistry.
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Nara, Japan - 5-7 October 2018

Welcome to the Fifteenth International Dental Congress on Anesthesia, Sedation, and Pain Control. Come join us as we gather together Nara, the ancient imperial capital of Japan for this joint meeting with the Japanese Dental Society of Anesthesiology 5-7 October in 2018.
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Member Society Meetings

Dental anesthesia, sedation, and pain control, undergo constant scientific and clinical evolution every year. IFDAS Member Societies across the globe hold meetings to make certain practitioners are able to access current scientific data and thus employ state-of-the-art knowledge in their daily practice.
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IFDAS Leadership

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Contact our worldwide leadership to become involved in the Federation, to ask a question, or simply to find out more about the art and science of dental anesthesia and sedation.  
IFDAS Leadership
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