IFDAS History

The International Federation of Dental Anesthesiology Societies (IFDAS) is a professional association established in 1976. IFDAS is devoted solely to promoting the safe and effective use of sedation and anesthesia by educationally qualified dentists for their patients.

The purpose of IFDAS is to promote and encourage the study of and to extend the practice of improved methods of administering anesthesia, analgesia and sedation in dentistry and other related branches in dentistry and to bring the benefits of these methods to the people of the world; to promote the international exchange of knowledge, technology and research achievements in dental anesthesia, analgesia and sedation and other related branches of dentistry; and to publish research results and other educational material for the benefit of member organisations, individual members and the general public.

IFDAS uses the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology's quarterly scientific journal Anesthesia Progress: A Journal for Pain and Anxiety Control in Dentistry as its official journal. Anesthesia Progress is indexed in Excerpta Medica (EMBASE), MEDLINE, and Periodicals Digest in Dentistry.  IFDAS also recommends the ADSA Pulse Newsletter as a source of further information.

IFDAS Membership is open to all national dental societies as well as to individuals. 

Meeting History
Since its creation, the International Federation of Dental Anesthesia Societies has held tri-annual meetings where the leaders of dental sedation and anesthesia could meet and share information. Past meetings have included:

1976 - Monte Carlo, Monaco
1979 - London, UK
1982 - Tokyo, Japan
1985 - Bologna, Italy
1988 - Canberra, Australia[3]
1991 - Washington, DC, US - [4]
1994 - Trier, Germany
1997 - Christchurch, New Zealand
2000 - Jerusalem, Israel
2003 - Edinburgh, Scotland
2006 - Yokohama, Japan
2009 - Gold Coast, Australia
2012 - Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, US
2015 - Berlin, Germany
2018 - Nara, Japan

Past Presidents
1976-1979 - Dr Tony Reyes Guerra (deceased) (Founding ‘Father’)
1979-1982 - Dr Gerald Holden (deceased) (Chair of London Congress)
1982-1985 - Prof Yasuya Kubota (deceased) (Charter President)
1985-1988 - Dr Luigi Balenieri
1988-1991 - Dr James Grainger (deceased)
1991-1994 - Dr Peter Jacobsohn 
1994-1997 - Dr Wolfgang Jakobs
1997-2000 - Dr John Sinclair (deceased)
2000-2003 - Dr Eliezer Kaufman 
2003-2006 - Dr Chris Holden
2006-2009 - Prof Yuzuru Kaneko
2009-2012 - Assoc Prof Douglas Stewart 
2012-2015 - Dr Jim Phero 
2015-2018 - Dr Bilal Al-Nawas

Past Horace Wells Award Winners
1994 Gerry Holden, Peter Sykes, Norman Trieger, Yasuya Kubota, Antonio Reyes-Guerra
1997 Stanley Malamed, Luigi Baldinelli
2000 Hideo Matsuura, James Grainger, Wolfgang Jakobs
2003 Chandra Rodrigo, Peter Jacobsohn
2006 Joel Weaver, John Yagiela, Yuzuru Kaneko
2009 Eliezer Kaufman
2012 Morton Rosenberg, Masahito Sumitomo, Solomon Rabinovich 
2015 Monika Daubländer, Christine Quinn

Past Winners of the IFDAS Badge of Honor:
Y. Kubota Distinguished Service Award
2015 James Grainger, Joel Weaver

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